Depressed About Your Car Accident? Get Compensated

It's difficult to imagine just how disrupting a car accident can be until it happens to you. Pain and discomfort from the injuries you've suffered are to be expected but many also suffer in unexpected ways. Your mental health is just as much at risk as your physical condition might be so read to learn how to deal with this problem and how to be compensated for it.

Don't Discount the Psychological Effects of the Accident

People are often caught off-guard by the emotional effects they begin to notice after an accident. Many times, you are well on your way to healing from your physical injuries when you begin to notice some of the signs that all is not well with your mind and spirit. For example, you might notice these hints that the effects of the accident go beyond a wrecked car and bumps and bruises:

1. You find it more difficult to sleep at night, often waking up in the early A.M. hours and unable fall back asleep.

2. Your appetite has changed and now you are eating more or have very little urge to eat at all.

3. You are experiencing disturbing nightmares.

4. You find yourself snapping at loved ones and experiencing anger and annoyance that is not appropriate for the situation. For example, you might feel anger and rage while driving when other drivers appear to be careless.

5. You feel tired, listless and bored much of the time and the usual distractions and pleasures hold no interest.

6. You feel an underlying sense of anxiety, seemingly for no apparent reason.

Take Action and Seek Help

Any of the above signs might signal a need for a professional mental health evaluation. The choices for care can range from licensed clinical social workers (LCSW), mental health counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and more. Any one of the several types of professionals could provide you with excellent support and help to get you through what is likely a temporary period of difficulty. Just make sure to check their degrees (they should at least hold a Master's degree) and state licensing.

Getting Paid for Your Psychological Illness

Speak to your personal injury attorney about all the ways that you can be compensated for your accident. You can often expect to be paid for:

  • medical expenses
  • lost wages
  • transportation issues (car repair, replacement, etc)
  • pain and suffering

The mental effects of the wreck and how they have affected your life fall into the pain and suffering category. It can be more challenging to be paid for this particular type of damage, but not impossible. It's vital that you seek help from a mental health professional because proving your damages is paramount. You should expect to produce records that verify your counseling sessions (receipts but not therapy notes or anything personal).

Speak to a car accident attorney to learn more about getting compensated for not just your mental damages but so much more.