How Insurance Treats Your Medical Coverage After An Accident

When it's an emergency need, the details don't matter. Auto accidents can leave victims in dire need of help of any kind, whether that's an ambulance ride to the hospital or a visit to your usual doctor. When it comes to what is covered by auto insurance, however, things can get a bit more complex. Read on to learn more about how to deal with medical coverage after an accident.

Who Should Treat Your Injuries?

Neither the insurance company or the law requires you to see only certain doctors or use certain facilities. In most cases, the nearest medical facility that can provide the level of care as ascertained by the emergency medical personnel on the scene is appropriate. There are, unfortunately, upper limits on any insurance coverage. When your need for care exceeds those limits you may encounter problems with coverage. You can use your own health insurance coverage but speak to your attorney before you do so. Some carriers won't cover your auto accident injuries.

If your injuries are so severe that you must be airlifted to a high-level trauma medical center, the charge may shock you. A typical life-flight can cost upwards of $50,000 and you might find that the insurance company will challenge that need. These flights are seldom ordered unless there is a need, but you may need to speak to a personal injury lawyer if any medical need comes into question. Dealing with injuries from an accident is hard enough without having to fight for your medical coverage.

When Your Injuries Come Under Scrutiny

An accident injury situation can vary depending on the severity. Many car crashes result in bumps, bruises, and perhaps a broken limb. Recovery might take a few weeks or months, and your bills get paid without question. Unfortunately, not all accident injuries are at that level. Severe and catastrophic injuries can mean multiple surgeries, long hospital stays, months of physical therapy, and more.

When the medical expenses begin to exceed what is commonly expected, the insurance company may ask you to undergo an independent medical examination (IME). IME doctors are not your own doctors; they are chosen and paid by the insurance company. If an IME has resulted in a negative ruling, you will need to speak to a personal injury attorney about your rights and consider filing a lawsuit against the insurance company.

You are entitled to have every penny of your medical bills paid without having to fight for it. Speak to an attorney and allow them to take on that burden for you.