Suing After A Bee Sting Attack

Have you asked your neighbor to get rid of the beehives on their house because the pests keep flying into your yard? Is your reason for fearing bees due to having an allergy that can put your life at risk if you get stung by one of them? If you were stung by one of the bees and went through a traumatizing experience as a result of it, suing your neighbor on a personal injury basis might be possible. An attorney can consider all of the facts that are involved with your claim and let you know if the lawsuit is likely to be successful or not. This article explains what should be expected when suing a neighbor after experiencing a bee sting attack that he or she is responsible for.

The Responsibility of the Neighbor

Being that bee hives are not usually built by humans when they occur on a house, it is important to determine if your neighbor is actually responsible for your situation. It is usually a neighbor's responsibility to prevent guests from getting injured while visiting their property. However, maintaining a house in a manner that can cause harm to anyone that is nearby can also be a homeowner's responsibility if anything happens. An attorney will basically want to know how many times you asked your neighbor to get rid of the beehives, and how soon after asking the incident occurred. If the bee sting attack happened shortly after you told your neighbor about your allergy, you might not have a strong case.

Proving That You Have a Bee Sting Allergy

You must have solid proof that you have an allergy to bee stings if you expect to get compensated in a lawsuit. Did you have to call an ambulance on the day of your reaction to the bee stings? Did you wait a few days before seeking medical attention due to the complications taking a while to fully affect your health? An attorney will need to know the answers to such questions so he or she can determine the severity of your allergy to bee stings. You will need to provide records of your visits to a medical clinic in regards to the incident, as well as proof of the medication you must take to treat the allergy complications.

Why Compensation Might Be Granted

Pain and suffering are usually granted in a personal injury lawsuit due to the plaintiff having to experience the situation. You can also get compensated for the injury itself, including all treatment that is necessary to bring your health back to the condition it was in before the incident occurred. Your attorney will discuss each aspect of the situation that you can get paid for. For instance, you might even be able to receive lost wages if your bee sting complications caused you to miss work.

For more information, contact your local personal injury lawyer.