Why You Need To Consult A Workers’ Comp Attorney If Your Teen Is Injured On The Job

You'll likely be shocked and upset when your teenager arrives home and informs you that he or she has been hurt at work. Teens can find employment in a variety of capacities, and while most of these jobs might seem safe, they can actually possess various risks. For example, a teen working at a fast food restaurant could get a serious burn, while a teen working for as a summer camp counselor could slip and fall at work due to the poor maintenance of the building. While your teen might be eager to shrug off the injury as many teens don't want to draw attention to themselves, you need to step in and consult with a workers' compensation attorney. Here are three reasons that legal representation is a must.

The Employer May Take Advantage Of The Teen

In an effort to avoid legal action, the employer may stoop to some dubious practices. The employer could threaten the teen's job if he or she were to make a fuss about the injury, or pressure your teen into signing a statement that accepts blame for the accident. (In fact, it's possible that your teen has already signed such a document.) Employers will often take advantage of teens in this scenario because they doubt that a teen has the tenacity to pursue legal action. When you contact an attorney on your teen's behalf, you're getting the ball rolling when it might not otherwise.

The Money May Be Important

There are some parents who ask their teens to find part-time work simply because it's a good practice, while teens from other families work to help pay bills or save for college. In the latter scenario, especially, your teen's inability to work because of the injury may have financial repercussions for your family. For example, if you're counting on the teen's income to put toward his or her college tuition, the injury may cause financial challenges. A workers' compensation attorney can reach a fair settlement with the teen's employer to prevent this cash flow dilemma.

It Won't Sour Your Teen

Teenagers are impressionable, and you don't want your child to get a sour view of the world of work. After an injury at his or her first job, your teen may feel that working is dangerous and that employers frequently take advantage of their staff. This belief can permeate the teen's view about employment in the years ahead, which is a pivotal time. When you hire an attorney to ensure justice for your teenager, you'll avoid this problem.

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