Bitten By a Dog? Be Sure You Know What To Do

A dog bite can happen suddenly and when you least expect it, and there are many things you'll need to do as soon as it happens. That is why it helps to know the steps to take if you are bitten by someone else's dog, since you'll likely be taking action against the owner due to your injury.

Seek Out Medical Assistance

The most important thing to do is put your personal health above any of your financial concerns. Seek out medical attention immediately and have the dog bite treated. You do not know the current health status of the dog, and it is possible that the dog could have rabies. You'll need to have the bite treated by a doctor in order to prevent an infection from occurring.

Make a Report

You'll need to make an official report about the incident with the local police station. This is true even for minor bites, as a documented past of dog bites can help inform future victims of the dog's past. You'll also be able to use this report when contacting the dog owner's insurance company to file a claim for your injury. Without the report, you do not have a valid case on your hands.

Make a Claim

The next step will be to deal with the insurance company of the dog's owner. They may offer you compensation for the injury, or decide to fight it. You won't know for sure what they decide to do until you actually file, since the owner may admit to the incident or deny it entirely.

Hire a Lawyer

Chances are likely that the owner of the dog is not going to want to pay for your medical bill. If this is the case, you'll need to hire a personal injury lawyer to work on your behalf. He or she will know the legal process that you need to take to seem compensation. A lawyer can also represent you in mediation or a court case if it comes to that.

Thankfully, many injury lawyers do not require compensation unless they help you win the case. If the lawyer feels like your case has a fighting chance in court, they'll agree to take it on and get you the compensation you deserve. If you lose your case, you will still be expected to pay court costs related to the lawsuit; however, you may not owe the lawyer for their time.