Who Is At Fault During A U-Turn Accident?

Making a U-turn is not an ideal situation, but you are sometimes forced to make a U-turn when you are heading the wrong way and there is no other options. However, when you make a U-turn or when another motorist makes a U-turn and this results in an accident, it can be difficult to determine who is at fault. 

Illegal U-Turns

A common reason for a U-turn accident is when the motorist performs a U-turn when it is not legal to do so. It is difficult for other drivers to anticipate when a motorist will make a U-turn, so the driver performing an illegal U-turn is often held fully responsible. 

The Legality of U-Turns

In most states, it is not typically illegal to perform a U-turn unless there is a sign that explicitly states that no U-turns are allowed. If that sign exists, the motorist performing the U-turn will likely be considered responsible unless there are other circumstances. Even if there is no sign, it is illegal to perform a U-turn from the wrong lane. 

U-Turns from a Parked Position

Another common situation is when a motorist makes a U-turn from a parked position. This can often lead to a particularly violent collision since the car performing the U-turn and the other motorist will often suffer a head-on collision. 

Performing a U-Turn Safely

When performing a U-turn, you must look to make sure that there is no oncoming traffic. If you turn recklessly without looking and there is evidence to support this, you may be held responsible for the accident. Motorists must especially be careful when there is poor visibility or when the roads are slippery. You must also make sure that you keep up with the flow of traffic while making a U-turn. 

When the Other Driver is at Fault

Sometimes, the other driver is at fault. Even when performing a U-turn, if the other motorist is speeding, drunk, or driving recklessly, he or she might be held responsible for the accident. 

Why You Need an Attorney

Even though the driver involved in the U-turn is usually at fault, it's still necessary to provide evidence to support your case. You will especially need an attorney after an accident that involves multiple cars. Therefore, regardless of if you were the driver performing the U-turn, you should work with a personal injury lawyer who can help you craft the best possible case.