What Should You Do If You Believe Your Car Accident Was Due To A Manufacturing Defect?

Most car accidents have a pretty obvious cause. Someone failed to turn left, ran a red light, or did not apply their brakes soon enough. The person at fault is one driver or another. But what if you were involved in a crash as the result of something that went wrong with your car? Maybe the brakes failed, or perhaps your car's steering hesitated strangely, causing you to strike another vehicle. You might not be at fault for this type of crash...rather, the company who made your car might be.

Who should you contact?

If you feel your accident was due to a manufacturing error that caused your car to operate unsafely, make sure you first inform your car insurance company of this fact. They can then make a note on your account or perhaps pause the claim so you're not left paying for damage you did not cause.

Immediately after calling your insurance company, you need to contact a product liability attorney. While you may think you should contact a car accident attorney in this case, this is not a typical car accident case. A product liability attorney is someone who deals with cases against companies that made defective products -- which you believe your car to be. Your product liability attorney may ultimately end up consulting with a car accident lawyer for assistance, but they will handle the bulk of your case.

How will your case be formulated?

If your product liability attorney thinks you have a strong case against the company that made your car, they will help you collect evidence to formulate your case. This may include photos of both cars after your collision, statements from your mechanic stating the nature of the issue, and medical bills detailing the costs associated with the crash.

Will you end up in a class action lawsuit?

Many cases against car manufacturers do end up being class action lawsuits. This is because it's rare that the manufacturer only screws up on one car -- they probably screwed up a whole batch of them. Your lawyer will search for other people who have had similar accidents caused by similar car malfunctions. You and these other people can band your resources together and file one class action case against the car company. This makes it easier for you to get the funds you deserve and increases your chances of winning your case.

If you think that your car accident was caused by a car that was made improperly, reach out to a product liability attorney. They can give you more details as to how to proceed.