When Your Workers’ Comp Coverage Fails To Follow Through

Once approved, hurt workers can often expect to be paid for their medical expenses and a partial salary replacement while they are out of work. Unfortunately, though, many victims of a work injury find that what they believed to be smooth sailing after a claim is approved turned into anything but that.

Your Check Gets Reduced – Workers' compensation insurance is supposed to pay you a portion of your usual pre-injury salary if you were injured so severely at work that you can no longer work. Nothing is deducted from the payment — no taxes, no healthcare premium, no 401(K) deductions. You can calculate how much you should be receiving by multiplying your gross salary by the workers' comp percentage in your state.

Your Check Is Late or Missing – The workers' comp agency may use direct deposit, or they might send you a check each week. Either way, they may owe you interest and even penalties if they don't pay you when they are supposed to.

You Cannot Contact the Workers' Comp Carrier – Customer service is often not a priority with insurance agencies. That can mean you can never reach anyone when a problem arises. You can expect unreturned phone calls, being placed on hold a lot, lost claim forms, and promises of payments and corrections that never happen.

You Must Return Too Soon – Another tactic workers' comp carriers use to cut down on the money they must pay to hurt workers is to cut off their benefits and send them back to work too soon. Even if they want you to return for light-duty work, be sure you are cleared by your doctor first.

Get the Help You Need with Your Workers' Compensation Claim

You have rights when it comes to dealing with a work-related injury. You don't have to cope with a reluctant and difficult workers' comp carrier on your own. Look at just a few great benefits you can attain by speaking with a workers' comp lawyer:

  1. They can let the workers' comp agency know that you now have legal representation. That alone can sometimes spur the insurer to be more cooperative with payment issues.
  2. They can get the insurer to pay you interest on delayed payments and a lump sum for any denials of coverage dating back to your injury date.
  3. They can have you examined by a doctor of your own choosing so that an accurate picture of your medical situation can be ascertained.
  4. They understand how to guide you through the appeals process and be by your side as you fight for the benefits you deserve.

Speak to a work-related accident lawyer today.