3 Reasons Some Workers Fail To Get Compensated For Work Injuries

The measures you take after suffering bodily harm while working are crucial. They will determine whether or not the insurer will compensate you. For instance, a mistake at any phase of the compensation process can make you lose a significant percentage of your rightful compensation. When that happens, you might have hurdles paying for your treatment and caring for your family if the injury forces you out of work. To avoid such issues, consult an attorney immediately after sustaining an injury while working. Engaging a workers' comp attorney in your pursuit for compensation shields you from the following mistakes. 

Keeping the Accident Information to Yourself 

It's not uncommon for employees to remain silent about work-related injuries, hoping their condition will improve. Unfortunately, the injury can escalate, making it challenging to continue working. And perhaps the reporting deadline has expired at this time. When that happens, you can lose the opportunity to get payments regardless of having genuine claims. You can avoid such an issue by informing your employer about the injury immediately after sustaining it. Doing this will eliminate arguments your employer could raise concerning the cause of the injury. 

Misplacing Documentation After Treatment

The success of your application will depend on the proof that you provide the insurance company. So if you misplace documentation showing your treatment, you might lose your workers' comp benefits. On the other hand, preserving your medical tests, prescriptions, hospitalization bills, as well as rehabilitation reports strengthen your case. You will have a better chance of getting the highest payment possible with this information. If you cannot keep these documents safe, place them in the custody of your lawyer. 

Handling the Process Yourself

You have a lesser chance of getting paid for a work injury if you handle the compensation process yourself. This is because you may not be well-versed in the process and will likely make errors that can hurt your claim. Thus, hiring a workers' comp attorney is advised. They will offer you guidance in each phase of the compensation process. And through their assistance, you will minimize or eliminate the possibility of making mistakes that may jeopardize your success. 

As you can see, many things can go wrong if you handle your workers' comp carelessly. Therefore, if you suffer harm while working, consider hiring a workers' comp lawyer to represent you. This will increase your chances of getting the compensation you deserve.

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