Info For Pedestrians

If you enjoy walking at night, there are a lot of things that you should be doing in order to protect yourself. The advice below is going to give you pointers for being safer on your nighttime walks, and it will also educate you on what to do should you end up being involved in an accident as a pedestrian. As someone who walks at night, you want to pay attention to the following information. Read More 

Damages In A Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you have recently suffered an accident, you may be thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit. Before you do, it would be wise for you to weigh the cost against the potential compensation you could receive upon winning your case. There are several different factors that determine how much you could receive in recompense for your accident. These factors include but are not limited to the following. Medical Bills Read More 

Bicycle Accidents: Understanding Fault

If you are looking for a way to exercise, you may want to consider bike riding. However, it is important that you understand there are certain dangers that come with bike riding. When you are involved in a bicycle accident with a motor vehicle, there is a chance of personal injury. The at-fault party may be responsible for paying damages to the victim. Now, it isn't easy to determine who is liable when a bicycle accident occurs, which is why it is always important to hire an attorney. Read More 

The Importance Of Evidence In A Car Accident Case And The Types You Need

In some car accident cases, it can be easy to see who caused the accident to occur, but there are other situations when it is not exactly clear what happened or who is at fault. If you are certain that you are not at fault for the accident and that the other person caused it, you may need to gather up some evidence to prove that you are right. Without doing this, it will be very difficult to sue the other driver for your damages, as you would have no proof that he or she caused the accident. Read More 

What Should You Do If You Believe Your Car Accident Was Due To A Manufacturing Defect?

Most car accidents have a pretty obvious cause. Someone failed to turn left, ran a red light, or did not apply their brakes soon enough. The person at fault is one driver or another. But what if you were involved in a crash as the result of something that went wrong with your car? Maybe the brakes failed, or perhaps your car's steering hesitated strangely, causing you to strike another vehicle. Read More