Three Things You May Not Know About A Legal Action For Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a civil suit that is brought against a person or organization who is responsible for the death of your loved one through negligence. There are certain elements that make up this type of legal action that you need to be aware of. Wrongful death can be caused in many environments Sometimes people associate wrongful death with doctors and hospitals. Although there are certainly cases of wrongful death in the medical field, wrongful death can happen everywhere. Read More 

Been in a Motorcycle Accident? 3 Reasons to Call an Attorney

If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident, one of the first people that you are going to want to call is an accident attorney who has experience working on motorcycle accident cases. Below are some ways that a motorcycle accident attorney can assist you following your accident. #1 Communicate with Your Insurance Company Your attorney can communicate with your insurance company on your behalf or be present for all of the conversations that you have with your insurance company. Read More 

The Dos and Don’ts of Taking Photographs of the Witnesses of Your Car Accident

Lots of motorists understand the importance of taking photos at the scene of their car accident. In the event that you decide to hire an attorney with the goal of eventual legal action, these photos may be pivotal to the strength of your case. While photos of the cars and the overall scene are valuable, don't overlook the importance of taking photos of your witnesses. Like photos, witnesses can strengthen a case. Read More 

Include Copies Of These Important Documents With Your Demand Letter

It's possible for your demand letter in a personal injury case to be the first time that the other party hears about your injury. As such, it's imperative for the letter to have an impact. Your personal injury attorney will typically take care of writing this letter — with your input — but you can also help by preparing copies of several important documents that your attorney will include with the letter. Read More 

Three Types Of On-The-Job Injuries That Can Be Common For Airport Ground Crew

One of the important jobs at any airport is the ground crew, a group of individuals who work closely with the control tower and the pilots alike to help aircraft move from the runways to the gates in a safe manner. This is a job that requires you to multitask and always have a focus on safety, but injuries can still occur. When you get hired as a ground crew employee, you'll go through extensive training about not only the duties of your position, but also how to stay safe. Read More